Rental & Sales

Along with sales, Kapo also takes care of the rental of various types of packaging materials. This can involve new or used products. The rented trolleys, shelves and rods will always be completely correct products that you can start using immediately. Even the used ones. Thus, you will not be faced with surprises.

In busy periods it is common to run out of packaging. Luckily, we have a constant supply of new and used packaging to support you.

Kapo also specialises in the repair of damaged trolleys and shelves. They can also be collected from your premises. 

The state of the trolleys and rods is evaluated, and they are then repaired.

Kapo takes that extra step by returning the products directly to you. Because we work together with Lievaart Expeditie, we can deliver the order to your premises the same day.

We also sell sets so you can carry out the repair yourself. They include slats, blind rivets and pliers. 

Are you interested in learning about Kapo’s fees for all these services? Then contact us quickly for more information.